If you’re a new investor and want to invest in gold but don’t know what kind of gold you should buy? And from where you can buy it? Then you’re in the right direction. You already know the different types of gold investments like – owning physical gold (bar and coins), EFTs, mining stocks, paper gold, e-gold and many others. Practically, all the gold investments you can’t find in a single location.

However, Gold bullions is the safest gold investment that every investor looks for. Usually, physical gold comes with three different types. They are – gold bar, coins and gold jewelry. Gold bar and coins issued by the central banks and its subsidiaries. Also, the government authorized agencies also trade gold bars and coins. Whereas, you can buy the gold jewelry from any reputed jewelry shop. However, when you’re going for gold bar and gold coins, here is a brief list of physical gold buying agencies –

Miles Franklin (MilesFranklin.com): Miles Franklin located in Minneapolis. It is one of the reputed gold trading agencies that can provide you quality gold according to your investment capacity. They offer – gold bar, gold American eagles, gold American buffalos, gold maple leafs and many other interesting gold products.

Border gold (bordergold.com): border gold corporation is a reputed Canada based precious metal dealer that offers competitive gold price to the investors. Border gold Offers – gold maple leaf, gold bar from 1 oz. to 32.15 oz, gold eagle and other interesting products.

David Hall Rare Coins (DavidHall.com): if you don’t want to invest in gold bars and typical gold coins then here is a great opportunity for you. You can buy historic coins from David Hall Rare Coins. They are most trusted historical coin sellers and doing their business with reputation for several years. They have professional coin grader service. If you need something more than a gold coins value then you must go for historical coins.

Finally, it is strongly suggested that don’t purchase gold from any unknown source/person. Don’t respond any cold calls for buying gold or gold investment. This might be a trap. If you’re interested in gold stocks or ETFs then it is a good idea to consult with a fund manager or a stockbroker regarding this matter.

Consult with gold expert at Penta Gold Ltd. to invest your fund and buy gold bullion. You will get safe investment ways here. You can buy physical gold and E-Gold at Penta Gold at competitive prices. Give us a call at 022-22402255 for more information.

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