Online Gold Purchase (E-gold Purchase)

E gold investment at PGPL is simplest and convenient way for your gold investment. Our clients will have an opportunity to purchase the gold coins and jewellery as per their choice. You can purchase the gold in the denominations of 1 gm and above from PGPLs website through the online trading platform, which is going to be launched very shortly.

Our client i.e. gold investors can also make a SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) for the amount of gold to be purchased on a daily / weekly / monthly basis by issuing advance payment / post dated cheques to PGPL. Gold equivalent to the said amount will be purchased by PGPL on behalf of the client, stored and earmarked on behalf of the client. The said gold can be taken by the client by redemption of the accumulated gold by purchasing gold jewellery / coins from PGPLs website or from the nearest PGPL stores. Clients will have to make extra payment for the making charges of the jewellery / coins.

For any information you need for online gold purchase, contact us at 022-22445559