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According to a recent research the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) will increase and reached to 12.7% in next five years.  Remarkably, the major players in the world gold market are – South Africa, Australia and United States. Those countries are the main gold producers all over the world and the gold business operated from the UK and USA gold market.

Notably, china is the second largest economy that currently holds the third position in gold production. China introduces their five-year economic plans in late 20th century and they have a stone hedge against gold and silvers till few years back. That time buying/selling or keeping gold can cause imprisonment. But now the scenario is completely changed. According to “Hard Asset Investor”, within 2017, china becomes the largest gold producer and consumer. Currently the largest gold consumer is – India, but china government decided to boost their gold trading policies. Now, the question is – why china is going to boost their gold trading policies/ well, the answer is simple. China now wants to make their currency’s (Yuan) acceptance along with other currencies like – US dollar or Pound.

As a part of their gold trading reform, china government removes the legal obligation from people’s buying/selling/investing in gold. Additionally, china government planned to set up 500 gold vending machines across the country. Not only that, China produces the majority of its gold productions from its 5 provinces. If we take a closer look on its gold production, we can get a clear projection of its production – in year 2006, china ranked 3rd position on gold production (248 metric tons) behind South Africa (272 metric tons) and united states (252 metric tons) and surprisingly in the year 2012, China produces 370 metric tons which is much higher than 2006.

Finally, most significantly, Chinese government establishes a gold trading exchange similar to COMEX called – Pan Asia Gold Exchange. Which attracts thousands of investors from Asia and Europe. Not only that many investors represent PAGE (Pan Asia Gold Exchange) as a powerful alternative of COMEX.

However, PAGE establishes and functioning for a couple of months and how it makes an impact on the global economy is still a mystery. We need to wait a few years to know the full-blown impact of this alternative ETFs that bypassing dollar.

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