Gold Installment Schemes

PG Gold Investment Plans:

Penta Gold’s ‘Easy Investment Plan’ offers an unique ‘Savings Scheme’ to plan your gold purchases in advance. At the end of the schemes, you can purchase Gold / Diamond Jewelry / Coins of the equivalent maturity value amount and hence, you get much more than your initial investment. You can start from as small an investment as Rs.500 per month. It is a lucrative way to save and plan your jewellery collection. Also, your monthly savings are safe with us and thus, it is a smart way to save every month for your future.

This scheme gives you great returns and great jewellery to be owned. By joining the schemes you are in control of your savings. Penta Gold Ltd’s special bonus at the end of the installment period gives you that extra gain and hikes your budget. By saving every month through the investment schemes you average out on the gold / diamond purchase price.

Highlights :

  • You can purchase Gold / Diamond jewellery or Gold / Silver coins.
  • You can pay in advance through installments.
  • You save money as shown in the table.
  • You can pay for a minimum period of 12 months and a maximum of 36 months.
  • The deposit dates will be current dates.
  • One week grace period given for deposits..

Installment Schemes:

Currently there are three schemes under the PG Gold investment plan:

12 months plan
24 months plan
36 months plan

In all the above schemes, the minimum installment value is Rs. 500 and can be increased to any amount in multiples of Rs.100.

Installment Schemes12 Months Plan24 Months Plan36 Months Plan
Duration of payment (months)12 months24 months36 months
Your contribution100010001000
Your total contribution120002400036000
Our contribution100030007000
Month of Purchase14th month27th month40th month
Value of PurchaseRs. 13,000/-Rs. 27,000/-Rs. 43,000/-

*Terms and conditions apply.