Different Options to Buy Gold in India

If you’re looking for a rock solid and full proof dollar hedge (Making an investment to reduce the risk of adverse price movements in an asset) investment, then probably investment in gold is the best option for you. There are several reasons responsible for its popularity. It protects capital from social and political disturbance, currency failure, global economic meltdown and others that can seriously affect your investment. However, if you’re a new investor, then you must know the best possible ways to invest in gold. Here is a brief list of gold investments that can protect your capital –

Buy Physical Gold: It is the most popular investment choice for new investors. Physical gold can sold by the central and subsidiary banks and government authorized agencies. The gold from banks comes as gold bar and coins. But the problem is – it requires lots of money. Because government agencies sell gold blocks with quite large in size. Usually 1 KG or 400 ounces and this is why, the liquidating is much difficult than others. Still, it is popular because it comes with highest-grade purity, certificate of authentication and final sales receipt. That can give you complete resale value.

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Gold Exchange Traded Fund (ETF): It is one of the popular ways to invest money through stocks. Exchange traded funds are quite similar to mutual funds. There two types of ETFs available in the United States. You can locate them through “GLD (street TRACKS Gold Trust)” and “IAU (iShare COMEX Gold Trust)”. It varies one country to another. You can collect the necessary information from the respective websites or you can contact a stockbroker or financial advisor regarding the information.

Gold Options and Futures: if you’re an avid investor and sound knowledge in stocks, then it is the perfect choice for you. You can do it in your national market as well as international market. But remember – it is for experienced investor not for the beginners. “Options” allow you to speculate the gold price in national or international market (depending on what market you’re trading) and buy. Depending on the price hike, your profit margin will increase. Buying “options” are risky and special knowledge is required for trading. However, if you know the stock market for a year, then you can easily play around.

Apart from them there are lots of other options are available. Such as – gold mining stocks, jewelry, scrap gold, digital gold currency, gold accumulation plan and many others. You can find the best suitable for you according to your preference. Last but not the least, if you’re dealing with stocks, options, future, ETFs (Exchange Traded Fund) – make sure that you read all the documents carefully before investing. Pentagold offers physical gold, gold accumulation plan and E-gold purchase option for you. You can visit our jewellery and bullion store or give us a call at 022-22402255.